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Mycroft found out about the events of the night, as he always seemed to find out everything Sherlock did, and instructed Sherlock to take John and return to the countryside while Derwent and any of his accomplices were dealt with. Although he was thoroughly annoyed by this, Sherlock obeyed, as he knew disobedience would only lead to more annoyance from Mycroft. The next morning, Sherlock dropped by Scotland Yard to inform Lestrade that he would be leaving London, but would continue on the case from the country house, and correspond his findings via letters. The carriage ride back was rather quiet, as Sherlock was thinking about the case and John was still rather shocked by the events of the previous night, although whenever Sherlock glanced at him, John gave him a quick smile to show that he was alright, and that the two of them were still friends. When the carriage stopped outside Knightly Estate, John gave a friendly goodbye to which Sherlock gave a rather short reply. He was in his mind palace: a place he resided to when he was solving a case. When he returned home he ignored all his servants and went straight to the drawing room and slumped on the sofa. He lay with the palms pressed together under his chin, a crease in his brow to form a look of intense concentration.
Mr Selwick’s assumption of Miss Temple being the benefactor was completely wrong. If her intentions were for Mr Selwick to become a gentleman, she would have said so and he would be a gentleman at this very moment. If not her, who? Where was the senior Mr Selwick? Sherlock hadn’t asked but he could tell from Mrs Selwick’s behaviour and body language that senior Mr Selwick was dead. The family was middle-class, so the money wouldn’t have come from a relative. Young Mr Selwick’s behaviour didn’t suggest he was hiding anything, so the money wouldn’t be a pay-off or gambling winnings. Perhaps he was hiding something, but just didn’t realise it?
“Damn!” Sherlock exclaimed suddenly, and he jumped off the sofa.
He scraped his hands through his dark hair and exhaled angrily. How was he supposed to close the case in a decent amount of time if he couldn’t even be in London to question his client? Letters would take days to arrive and he couldn’t stand the thought of waiting through that terrible process.
“Wiggins!” Sherlock shouted.
A few seconds later, a young, gangly servant entered the room.
“Yes sir?”
“Prepare my horse.”
John wasn’t ‘shaken up’. He was quite shocked of course, but he did not regret his visit to London at all. He had gotten a taste of the action, a taste of Sherlock’s world! How exciting it was, and it was all snatched away so quickly, and there he was, back home, in the boring old drawing room looking at a boring old book trying to think of what to do now. He hoped Sherlock was alright. John was worried he’d upset him, as silly as that may seem, but Sherlock wasn’t as friendly as usual when he said goodbye. But then again, Sherlock was annoyed. That would be the reason, but John just wanted to ensure him that he was definitely up for another adventure. Should he go and see Sherlock, or should he leave him be? He was so bored!
“I suppose something went wrong?”
John turned to see Irene standing in the doorway. He sighed in annoyance.
“I don’t feel like discussing that with you.” John replied, looking back at the boring book in his lap.
“He’s something else, isn’t he?”
“Don’t act dumb, John, I’m talking about Sherlock. He’s different.”
“Well I should bloody hope so, I’m sick of the dull codgers around here.”
“Don’t let mother hear you talking like that.” Irene grinned.
“What do you want?” John asked shortly.
“You and I do have something in common. We are both excruciatingly bored with our lives.”
“Go and find another man to tease.”
“I don’t tease.” Irene’s smile faded. “I test them. It’s all a test to see whether I could bear to marry them. But they are all the same, John. They go riding and hunting, they play cards and dance with the most beautiful women in the room and they act charming, but that’s just what it is: an act. Who knows what they’d be like once I was to marry them. All that charm would fade away and I would be his slave.”
“You’re talking rather darkly, Irene.” John looked up from his book; he’d never heard Irene speak like that before.
“It needs to be said. Married women are too afraid to say it, but I know. Once married, a woman has to tend to her husband’s every need; every desire, no matter what. I don’t want to be marrying just anyone, John. You think I ‘tease’ these men because I find it amusing? I am working them out. I have not found an acceptable man for me yet, except… I think-”
“Irene, I know you’ve got your eyes set on Sherlock, but to be honest, I really don’t think he’s interested in marriage. He’s too involved with his work.”
“I wouldn’t stop him from his detective work, in fact, I would like to be involved in it.” Irene’s smile returned. “It would be such a welcome change.”
“You can stop fantasising about it right now.” John said, slightly too angrily.
“Why are you so cross?” Irene frowned defensively. “Do you want to marry him?” she laughed.
“Don’t be ridiculous.” John huffed. “I just mean that there is no point in you fantasising about it because it won’t happen! He has no interest in you, surely you can see that?”
“He will learn to love me.”
“No he won’t! Open your eyes and accept the fact that for once in your life, a man isn’t dancing around you just because he thinks you’re pretty!”
Irene glared, before turning and exiting the room, slamming the door behind her. John exhaled loudly. He was sure to regret that outburst. Deciding he was finally sick of the same four walls surrounding him, John headed out of the house to go for a walk. He headed down the road towards Sherlock’s house. He wasn’t sure if he was planning on visiting, but he headed that way anyway. He thought about Irene. He felt obligated to apologise to her, but he didn’t want to. The things he said were harsh, but she needed to be told. Her whole Sherlock endeavour was fruitless and she needed to stop; for his sake… more for Sherlock’s sake though, of course.   John was passing by the empty fields on the way to Crowley estate when he noticed a horse. It was standing by itself on the middle of the field, and furthermore, it looked like Sherlock’s horse. Finding this rather odd, John turned and walked in the field, through the slightly overgrown grass to investigate. Had one of Sherlock’s servants made a mistake and let the horse out? It looked like it has a saddle on though, so that couldn’t be right. Had Sherlock been thrown off and the horse run off by itself? John became suddenly worried. His heartbeat fastened and he walked more briskly towards the lone horse. He was just a few metres away from the stallion when he tripped over something and fell on his front in the grass. The horse whinnied as if laughing at him.
“What the?” John picked himself up off the ground and turned to see Sherlock on his back, in the grass, not unconscious or injured, just pondering.
“Hello.” Sherlock frowned questioningly.
“Hello to you too.” John replied, still confused and a bit dazed from his fall.
“Sorry I tripped you up. I suppose the long grass concealed  me.” Sherlock said, still on the ground.
“Yes, I suppose it did… what are you doing?”
“I’m thinking about the case. I fancied some open space, the drawing room felt too cramped for my thoughts.”
“Have you come to any conclusions?”
“I have. I have come to the conclusion that Mycroft is an irritating git.”
John chuckled. “I’m glad you said it first.”
Sherlock grinned. “In all seriousness though, I will need to return to London. I need to speak with Mr Selwick again, and I’m sure I can solve it promptly.”
“Will Mycroft let you return to London?”
“Who knows? I’m not going to ask him.”
Wide of the Mark - Chapter Eight
Hey guys, sorry it's been a while, but I have good news. I have finished school! My graduation ceremony is tonight. I am hoping to spend more time writing as I have missed it a lot.
I have been unsure about this story, as I feel the writing isn't very good quality and I was thinking about stopping, but I feel that I need to finish it, because I have a bad habit of not finishing things that I start.
Anyway, I hope you enjoy the chapter, and please comment to let me know if people are still reading!
Smile by Darkshine97
So I got some watercolours, and I tried them out with this little piece. I still have A LOT to learn, but I'm learning with each new painting.
Sherlock led the way to Scotland Yard and stopped by the doorman. “I’m here to see Lestrade.”
“Right you are, Mr Holmes; he’s in his office.”
Sherlock nodded in thanks and stepped inside. John followed into a cluttered office, in which a young man with greying hair sat at the desk.
“Ah, Sherlock, you’re here.” He glanced over at John questioningly.
“This is my friend, John Watson.” Sherlock stated.
“Friend?” Lestrade raised his eyebrows. “Will you friend be coming on the investigation?”
“Yes, he will. Now let’s stop with this nonsense and get straight to it; what do you have for me today, Lestrade?”
“Have a read of this.” Lestrade passed over a file.
Sherlock took it and looked over it quickly. “A mysterious benefactor… goodness, I’d be furious if I was Mrs Selwick’s son.”
“What is it?” John spoke for the first time.
“A young Mr Selwick has been given a rather large sum of money from an unknown benefactor, but his mother wants it looking into.” Sherlock closed the file and dropped it back on Lestrade’s desk. “Well, Lestrade, I must admit I am rather disappointed that you didn’t call me over for a good old murder, but I suppose it’s good to be in London again. Point me in the right direction of Mr Selwick and I shall begin.”
John followed Sherlock through the London streets. The young detective seemed to know the place as well as the back of his hand, and the look in his eyes as he looked about him showed that he adored it. They arrived at a middle-class looking house after about ten minutes of walking – Sherlock refused to travel by carriage just yet. They were led into a sitting room where young Mr Selwick was sat, looking rather agitated, next to assumedly Mrs Selwick. Sherlock sat down on an armchair opposite the Selwicks and gestured for John to do the same.
“So,” Sherlock placed his palms together under his chin, posed to listen. “Tell me what happened.”
Mrs Selwick started. “Well-”
“Not you.” Sherlock cut in. “Your son.”
Looking rather taken aback, Mrs Selwick remained silent. Sherlock looked over to Mr Selwick, waiting for him to speak.
“Well, about two weeks ago now, the lawyer, Mr Briggs, came round to announce that I’ve a large sum of money now, which I am to use to help me into high society to become a gentleman-”
“It’s ridiculous, he’s to be a doctor, which is a very honourable profession; he’s no need for this money and no need to be a ‘gentleman’ as they put it.” Mrs Selwick interjected.
“Mrs Selwick,” Sherlock sighed. “Please leave the room.”
“Excuse me; this is my house, I will not-”
“You are disrupting my investigation and I cannot have that. You are the one who wanted an investigation, so if you would like it to continue, I suggest you do what I ask.”
Looking utterly shocked and offended, Mrs Selwick huffed and exited the room.
“Mr Selwick,” Sherlock turned to face the young man again. “Please continue.”
“You see Mr Holmes,” Mr Selwick spoke in a hushed voice. “I think I know who my benefactor is.”
“Is that so?”
“When I was a boy, I used to go to a woman named Miss Temple’s house. She had an adopted daughter and we used to play together. I think Miss Temple was fond of me, and she used to say that her daughter, Diana, was to be a lady, and she was to marry a gentleman. I think she means for me to marry Diana, hence the fortune.”
Sherlock raised his eyebrows. “That’s quite an assumption, Mr Selwick, and I can tell you here and now, that you are incorrect.”
Mr Selwick looked at Sherlock, confused. “Incorrect? But who else-”
“Leave it with me, Mr Selwick. Everything will be solved in good time. I will be leaving now to begin my investigation. I bid you good day.” Sherlock stood up and John followed, stepping out onto the street. “I’m going to get some coffee, would you like some?”
“Yes, thank you.” John walked as fast as he could manage to keep up with Sherlock. “How do you know that Mr Selwick’s theory was incorrect?”
“It’s obvious; if Miss Temple was going to give Mr Selwick money, she wouldn’t make it a secret.”
“Do you know Miss Temple?”
“No, I’ve never met her. Here we are.”
Sherlock turned into a small coffee shop. John looked about him curiously; he’d never been to such a place.
“How do you like your coffee?” Sherlock asked before approaching the counter.
“Milk with one sugar, thank you.”
Sherlock ordered their drinks and they found a table.
“I’m sorry if this is boring for you; I was expecting a better case than this.” Sherlock looked irritated.
“Not at all! This is far from boring. I feel like quite the adventurer. You can tell I’m not content back at home.” John smirked.
“Well, that’s good.” This seemed to put Sherlock at ease.
A waiter approached with the drinks, setting them on the table. Sherlock immediately took a sip, cringing.
“Isn’t it a bit hot?” John laughed.
“Yes, I just needed some caffeine.”
Sherlock waited patiently for his coffee to cool before drinking it rather quickly. John rushed to drink his too as to not keep Sherlock waiting.
“Let’s go for a walk.” Sherlock stood up quickly and left the building.
Sherlock took John on a tour of London, pointing out locations of crime scenes for cases he had previously solved, and occasionally greeting homeless people as if they were acquaintances. The tour went into the night. The streets gradually got emptier and became almost silent. Light rain from earlier in the day left the streets wet; the streetlamps reflecting on the ground like golden orbs. Sherlock reached into his pocket and pulled out a cigarette and a box of matches.
“Would you like one?” Sherlock raised his cigarette in John’s direction.
“No thank you.” John looked on as Sherlock lit the cigarette and took a long drag, exhaling slowly in a long sigh. “Are you alright?” John asked.
“I’m fine… it’s just… it’s nothing.” Sherlock frowned to himself, exhaling again.
A few moments of silence followed as Sherlock finished smoking, dropping the cigarette on the ground and stamping it out.
“My first case was just around the corner from here.” Sherlock started walking again, John catching up to walk beside him.
They turned a corner into a narrow alleyway. “I was about fifteen years old-”
“Mr Holmes,”
John and Sherlock turned to hear the voice that came from behind them. The alleyway was dark, but a man’s silhouette could be seen against the light coming from the adjacent street.
“To whom am I speaking?” Sherlock asked, trying to get a good look at the man.
“You don’t remember me, then?” The man stepped forward, his face becoming slightly more visible.
“Derwent.” Sherlock confirmed quietly. “Seems quite like you to lurk in a dark alley.”
“I’m not here to exchange insults, Mr Holmes.” Derwent pulled something out of his inner pocket. A glimpse of light reflected off the object: a knife.
John’s heart started racing. He looked nervously between Sherlock and Derwent.
“This won’t do you any good, Derwent. You’ll just end up in prison like your brother.” Sherlock spoke calmly, but John could see his breathing had increased; he was scared too.
Derwent stepped forward, his grip tightening on the knife.
“Stay back!” John shouted.
Derwent turned to John. “Or what?”
John thought for a moment for what to say when he remembered. He reached into his coat and pulled out his father’s pistol, pointing it at Derwent’s chest.
“Alright.” Derwent lowered his knife immediately, returning it to his pocket. He raised his hands in the air to show he meant no harm. “I’ll leave. You’ve got a good friend there, Holmes. You’re lucky tonight.”
“I know.” Sherlock spoke softly, taking a step back. “Goodbye, Derwent.” Sherlock stared at the man until he turned and walked away, still looking back at the other two men.
John lowered the pistol. His heart was still pounding. Sherlock looked at the pistol, then at John’s worried face.
“Had enough adventure yet?”
“Possibly, yes.”
Wide of the Mark - Chapter Seven
I managed to write another chapter, yay! School is a bitch, but I worked on this over a few nights to make it easier. I am sorry to keep you waiting, but I felt very inspired for a change and managed to write some more.
Also, I know some people make playlists for their fanfics, and I was thinking of making one for this fanfic when I finish it, as I've been listening to some music that I think would really suit the story. Is anyone interested in a playlist? I personally like them but I don't know who else does :P
The Rift by Darkshine97
The Rift
This is a painting I did a year ago for my art final at school. I just thought I'd put this here, to remind myself how much I've learned in the space of a year. I do look at this now and think how much better it could be, but every art piece is an experience you learn from.

I absolutely adore Skyrim's landscapes and I may redo this picture in the future, or at least paint some other locations! As soon as I have time after finishing school, and buy my own paints, I am up for it. My favourite city is Markarth :D
Daydream by Darkshine97
I've been trying my hand at drawing with ink lately, and I thought I'd document this here. I am improving each time and I look forward to more pictures.
This is Alice from the the game Alice: Madness Returns in her Queens Guard dress. I adore the game and I love all her dresses.


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Hello my dear watchers.
I just wanted to tell you guys that I am still alive and kicking, as I haven't really submitted anything in a long time, and my fanfiction has been left hanging. With all my heart I wish to continue my current Sherlock fanfic, "Wide of the Mark", as several people seem to be enjoying across a few sites I have posted it on. The truth is I do not have nearly enough free, let alone STRESS free, time to dedicate to writing. I am in my last year of high school, and it is very, VERY stressful for me. I am behind in my work for every single subject and it looks as if I won't catch up at this stage. So, you may have to wait a while for the next chapter, but I do have things planned for the story, so don't worry about me not continuing at all. So yeah, I just wanted to say that.

Thank you to all my lovely readers :heart:

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